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Behind the scenes of band management: Gabi Mattsson, Rockin' Over The Borders Interview

Updated: Mar 2

Gabi Mattsson from Rockin' Over The Borders, strived to make a change in the music industry and therefore began her life as a band manager/promoter.

I was fortunate to be able to interview her about band management.

Firstly, how did you get into band management/promotion?

Gabi: "I have worked as a music journalist for four years and I talked to a lot of bands, seen a lot of what goes on behind the scenes and felt like I wanted to make a change. Mostly because my two mentors inspired me though."

Is band management something you have always been interested in?

Gabi: "Yes, I have always had a dream to work with bands, even when I studied to become a makeup artist, my goal was to work with musicians and bands. I grew up with MTV always being on and music always playing so it came natural to me."

What are the best and most rewarding parts of the job?

Gabi: "That I get to learn so much everyday, meet new people and make a change. Its fun, but it's not glamorous or something like that. It takes hard work, dedication and a lot of hard work."

Is the job itself different to what you expected it to be?

Gabi: "I never had any illusions about the job since I have worked as a music journalist for so long, but yes, it is still very different from how I thought it would be. Having someone you worked hard for betraying you takes a lot of energy from you. But you have to be prepared for everything in this situation."

Would you be able to tell me about any of the bands you have worked with?

Gabi: "I worked with different bands, mostly rock and metal. I only work with one today because I also have two festivals, but they are doing good. They went on a long European tour with two other bands and grew from it."

What are your future plans for your job?

My plans for the future is for Rockin´ Over The Borders (my management/booking/promotion company) to grow and expand outside Sweden. I also work hard to establish connections with others who works within the same field in other countries. Also for our festivals The Capital Deathfest and The Capital Rockfest to grow, it’s a lot of work but the plan is to make it a strong concept.

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