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Finding Kate has found herself

Updated: Mar 2

Originally from Australia and Cyprus, singer-songwriter Kate Pavli is proving to be a force to be reckoned with after the success of her debut album 'If I Fall'. It had been 3 years since Kate had released a single. However, Kate's newest single 'I Feel Bad' was met with much success including overwhelming fan support as well as securing plays on stations such as Kerrang! and Planet Rock. With an enchantingly powerful voice, Kate is only just beginning. I was lucky to have a chat with Finding Kate!

You have such a beautiful voice! Who would you say were big inspirations to you and your music?

Thank you! My biggest inspirations are a lot of female singers such as Avril Lavigne, P!nk, Amy Lee, Hayley Williams, Lacey Sturm etc. I grew up with a lot of bands/artists from Pearl Jam to Linkin Park to Bon Jovi and I’ve been inspired differently by all of them.

What was it like to release your first EP at such a young age and is there anything you would have done differently?

It was great but I didn’t really know much back then so it was a lot of guessing. I probably would have re-released the EP and tried to promote it a little bit more in the UK. After I released the EP in Cyprus, I printed a few hard copies and then re-recorded the 4 EP songs onto an album with an additional 8 songs. I sometimes wish I pushed the EP a little more before releasing the album, but everything happens for a reason!

Photograph by @gilidailes

I see that you and your producer are working on something, is there anything you can say about it?

Yes, I am working on a brand new single coming in April 2020, I’m about to film the video clip for it too and I’m super excited for everyone to hear it! My producer Chris and I are working on another 9 originals together which should be coming soon. So many songs in the pipeline!

You seem to do acoustic versions of songs, what do you feel acoustic versions do differently?

I feel that acoustic versions of songs bring out a whole other side of me. I love sharing acoustic originals and covers with fans as I like to try out different things and challenge my voice differently. I also believe some people prefer acoustic versions instead of heavier songs as they find them more believable and relaxing. I am a very emotional person and I believe my acoustic songs evoke a lot of emotions in people, sometimes even more than the original versions.

Do you feel your personal life influences your music?

Definitely ! I don’t always write about myself only, but overall the melodies and lyrics are usually very personal. I think it’s inevitable - as a creative, your personal life will always ‘interfere’ with your music in both good and bad ways. It could be something personal happening to you or a friend/family member, or something you’ve seen/experienced, or a person you’ve bumped into on the street. I believe everything around us influences in one way or another.

Photograph by William Pavli Photography

Is there a particular direction you’re hoping to take your music?

I am taking each song as it comes and staying true to what each song needs. I’ve always known my voice is a Rock/Pop voice so my music will always have Rock/Pop infused in it. Some songs are more Electronic than others, some are more Gothic than others, some are more Pop/Punk and some are more Alternative. A lot of my music is written in collaboration with Chris (who wrote my first album) and all my songs are always arranged and produced by him so I believe my new songs will always have similarities to my first album ‘If I Fall’ but with more modern sounds. I think people won’t be expecting the next couple of songs at all!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

If anyone wants to find out more info about me they can head over to my website https://www.findingkatemusic.com or any of my socials. I’ll be heading out on a UK tour in April and all dates can be found online. My album ‘If I Fall’ and all my latest singles are available on Spotify, iTunes etc. Thank you for the chat!




Header photo by William Pavli Photography

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