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Girl-power trio 'Marty' flourish in the indie genre

Updated: May 9

Based in Nottingham, Marty was formed by solo artists Aimee, Krista and Rhianne coming together to pursue their shared musical passion. With particularly charming harmonies and a great eagerness to experimenting with various genres, Marty have really established themselves as a one-of-a-kind sound. The band has had their tracks featured on BBC Introducing East Midlands with two tracks of the week on BBC Radio Nottingham and BBC Radio Derby. They also recently placed 12th out of 800 artists in BBC Introducing in the East Midlands top 25 most played artists of 2019. I had a chat with the band about their work!

So, you all did solo work before forming the band, how did this come about?

Aimee: I met Krista in college, we became close in our second year and did a few covers together! Then we both applied to stay on at Confetti and do the uni course, this is where we met Rhianne. There was something about her and I found myself asking if she wanted to collaborate on some uni projects! In the end, I thought we worked very well together and asked if she wanted to start a band as I’ve always wanted to form an all-girl band. We dragged Krista along and now we are inseparable!

How do you prepare for a gig?

Rhianne: If we are able to rehearse when at uni then that’s what we’ll do, if not then we’ll book out a rehearsal room for a few hours and put our set together.

Krista: Normally we will take whatever rehearsal room we can get if not I rehearse at home. I built a music studio just for it.

Aimee: We make sure to practice as much as we can as we are all perfectionists in our own ways. I usually organise an idea for the setlist then we discuss together if we should make any changes. We often want to do something a little different each time we perform.

What messages inspired your EP, if any?

Rhianne: The main themes of our EP are about not giving up on your dreams and on life (in the case of Life Worth Living and Never Too Late), but also about appreciating what you have. Everyday Reality is all about the homelessness that is such a huge issue today, and how easy it is for people to ignore it, while Fame is about striving for something that could end up quite toxic, which is somewhat similar to Worst Case Scenario, which is about getting out of a toxic environment or relationship (platonic or romantic) so I think the main message the whole EP encompasses is not letting life defeat you and just being the best that you can be.

Going back to ‘Worst Case Scenario’, you did a gothic vampiric photoshoot style, what was the reason behind this and how does it relate to the song?

Rhianne: We came up with the idea while the production of the song was taking place. Instrumentally it just triggered this image of vampires in our heads. The story of the video shows [me] running as Aimee and Krista attempt to turn [me] into a vampire. Obviously, once you’ve been turned, you’re stuck like that essentially forever, so that portrays the song’s meaning of being stuck with the unwanted company. We didn’t want to go with a predictable story or video, and we’re all really into the fantasy genre, especially vampire, so it was also just to make it more fun for us.

Aimee: We love coming up with fun ideas and interesting visuals, as Rhianne said when we started work on the production for the song we all just pictured vampires. It’s like all our minds linked so we just had to do it!

You do a lot of quirky and creative photo styles on your social media, is this reflective of you?

Aimee: Oh, 100%! We just love to have fun! We aren’t very serious and we mess up sometimes, everyone does. So, we want our visuals to represent us and sort of show off our personalities.

Krista: “quirky” is who we are as a band. Personally, I used to be very strict and uncomfortable in how I used to perform. I hated messing up. And used to really drag myself down for doing it. Now I don’t care, music is supposed to be real, passionate and fun. So what if we mess up. We’re having a good time, performing some good tunes. I guess you can say “quirky” is just a reflection on who we are as musicians.

Rhianne: Definitely! In the same way, as with music videos, we like to make photoshoots as fun and unexpected as possible, so even though we don’t often have access of funds for a really elaborate setting, we like to make the most out of what we have to hand. It’s all very improvised a lot of the time, but that’s very on-brand for us.

What have been the most influential artists to you and your unique music style?

Rhianne: We all have different artists we admire and some who we all appreciate. As we tend to write songs separately, the composition element and the arrangement have different inspirations. Aimee is heavily influenced by McFly, Krista by people like YEBA, Tash Sultana and I'm inspired by Fleetwood Mac, Sara Bareilles and musical theatre. As a band, we don’t have specific artists we aim to emulate, although we are aware of some we have similarities too, it really depends on which of wrote the song and what vibe we think the song needs.

Aimee: We definitely all have different musical artists we aspire to be like but on a level, we all appreciate each other’s influences and try our best to incorporate them into our music. Personally, I’m heavily influenced by McFly! They inspired me since I was younger and I wanted to be a musician in a band because of them. Our name Marty is inspired by how they found their name, from the film Back to the Future. Marty Mcfly!

What do you feel acoustic performances do differently?

Rhianne: One element of our sound that we take a lot of pride in and that we work very hard on is harmonies. An acoustic set is always fun for us because we are able to really showcase this, and it’s nice to have different arrangements of songs and have a bit of variety for performances. We love our full band set up, but sometimes the type of venue calls for a switch up, and we’re more than happy to strip it back.

What goals do you have for this year?

Aimee: We want to release some music we have been working on for a while now, after fundraising we managed to raise enough to create a mini album which we are hoping to release in 2021. This year we have so many fun things we are going to be releasing, things that I personally think will show off our personalities more and how we work together as a band.

Krista: The goal for us is to record our album, and hopefully a few music videos. I love the idea of do it yourself projects and being hands-on, you get to learn more.

Rhianne: We’re currently recording a new mini-album to be released early next year, so this year we’ll be picking some songs from that and releasing them as singles. We’ve also got a lot of exciting gigs booked in which we will be announcing very soon!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Aimee: I think we’d just like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us over these past two years! The amount of support has been amazing and we couldn’t be more thankful to those around us.

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