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Halflives' Linda Battilani: 'Just know that I’m hard to break and I’m here to stay'

Halflives are the impressive French three-piece band who are not afraid of blending rock with electronic hip-hop sounds. Accompanied by powerful yet elegant vocals, the band offers something for everyone. The band's latest EP 'Resilience' is out today, featuring their single 'Hard To Break'! The album focuses around the journey of being in a dark place but coming back stronger. I had a chat with lead singer Linda Battilani!

What initially inspired the band name?

Linda: '[Some] Time ago I had a conversation about love with somebody where we stated that "life is half without love", and that’s how I came up with the name "Halflives".'

You have a unique sound combining various genres, what would you say influenced this?

Linda: 'My whole life I have been listening to different genres, from metal when I was younger to pop now, so obviously a wide musical taste and background kinda pushes you towards experimenting and merging different worlds.'

Photograph by Christophe Garin

What was the inspiration to Hard to Break?

Linda: 'Hard to Break came to life in quite an unexpected way. I wanted to apply to a job offer and they said you could attach an extra video presentation of yourself to increase your chances of being considered. I decided to do what I know how to do best: sing. I took my portable mini keyboard and started to play some random chords and sing on top of it with some empowering lyrics explaining why "I was better". I thought the song was so good that I decided to take it to the studio and that’s how "Hard to Break" was created! I didn’t get hired but that’s their loss!'

Obviously your new EP is [now] out! What can you say about it?

Linda: 'I’m thrilled! I’ve been told several times that Resilience will be our "foot in the door" record and I want to believe that this is true. We put all our best efforts in Resilience, both in a matter of songwriting and in a matter of visual content and we’re definitely proud of the result.'

Who has been your favourite artist to work with?

Linda: 'Working with Kellin Quinn for guest vocals was an amazing experience and he made the whole process very easy!'

What is your favourite memory from touring?

Linda: 'This tour with Icon From Hire we're currently on gave me quite a lot of memories to cherish, the best one was definitely a moment in Prague where one of our fans gave me a huge snake plush while I was performing "Snake" and the crowd literally went crazy (and so did I). It really was a night to remember.'

What have you got planned for this year?

Linda: 'Except hoping that coronavirus will not freeze our whole economy and destroy all of our plans you mean? Well we have a UK headliner tour coming in July, a festival appearance at 2000 Trees, we’ll be going back to the studio in a bit and we’re planning more touring for the fall. It’s going to be one hell of a year for Halflives!'

Is there anything you'd like to add?

Linda: 'To anyone who’s keeping an eye on us, just know that I’m hard to break and I’m here to stay.'

Find Halflives at:

Instagram: @wehavehalflives

Website: https://www.wehavehalflives.com/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4er5NZNuc83Cev96LA28ID?si=hzLK5bfXTd2VLFp4y-Pmqw

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