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How to do an effective dance warmup in 6 steps

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

The purpose of this semi-intensive warmup is to prevent injury as a result of tight muscles and improper stretches before dance.

You will need; a music player, sturdy level floor

Follow these steps to prepare you for dance, so you can be worry free:

  1. To start with, you should do a warmup stretch to engage your muscles to prevent them from injury once you are dancing. Good stretches to do are to promote flexibility, for example by doing yoga. This is great for being adaptable for different levels of difficulty.

  2. Next, do a cardiovascular workout for approximately two songs duration (7-9 minutes). The choice of workout should include any exercise which raises your heart rate such as jogging on the spot or more intensive movements for more difficulty.

  3. Then go into an abdominal workout where you should engage all the core muscles and groups for another two songs duration. This can include simple exercises such as sit-ups which work most of the abdominal muscles. It will prepare your body for any core-heavy dances.

  4. Now go into an arm strength workout which will use muscles such as the triceps, biceps as well as those in your chest and forearms. Effective exercises for your arms include press ups, planks and tricep dips. These will efficiently warm up your arm muscles especially in dances involving strength or lifting.

  5. Next, complete a leg and foot work out for one song duration (3-5 minutes). This can include squats and lunges to engage your leg muscles, then flexing and pointing for your feet muscles. To push yourself, you can try ballet moves here such as a pirouette or a posé turn as this will work your muscles harder.

  6. Finally, do a cool down stretch to relax the worked muscles which will help avoid injury. Slow dynamic stretches are suitable here with a 10 second hold on each.

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