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Iron Maiden’s Legacy of the Beast Tour Concludes with a Bang!

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

To have seen Iron Maiden live for their final show of their 2018 tour was an absolute privilege, the performance was engaging, energetic and straight-up epic!

Iron Maiden performing ‘The Trooper’ Source: http://www.ironmaiden.com

Firstly, the staging completely blew me away with every song truly standing out in its own way. I went into the concert with high hopes, but Iron Maiden far exceeded them. The staging opened with a replica spitfire and throughout the show featured a life-sized Eddie, a giant Eddie, a giant Icarus, flamethrowers and constant pyrotechnics and creative lighting. Each song seemed to really give off its own theme through the staging which I found really emphasised the song’s tone.

Iron Maiden performing ‘The Number of the Beast’ Source: http://www.ironmaiden.com

One thing I especially liked which I find particular to Iron Maiden is the way their shows and albums tell a story and this concert was no exception with emphasis on the theme of war. All of the band members gave off an energetic, entertaining and captivating performance, but I should specifically applaud Bruce Dickinson (recently turned 60) for being able to constantly run around the stage delivering on his renowned energy he brings to the shows.

Overall, there is not one bad thing I can say about the show at all. They were straight up phenomenal, even more so when considering how Iron Maiden formed in 1975! If you get the opportunity to see them live, take it!

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Iron Maiden performing Doctor Doctor/ Aces High Source: http://www.ironmaiden.com

The setlist of The Legacy of the Beast was the following:

Doctor Doctor (originally by UFO)

Aces High (Powerslave, 1984)

Where Eagles Dare (Piece of Mind, 1983)

Iron Maiden performing ‘Flight of Icarus’ Source: http://www.ironmaiden.com

2 Minutes to Midnight (Powerslave, 1984)

The Clansman (Virtual XI, 1998)

The Trooper (Piece of Mind, 1983)

Revelations (Piece of Mind, 1983)

For the Greater Good of God (A Matter of Life and Death, 2006)

The Wicker Man (Brave New World, 2000)

Sign of the Cross (The X Factor, 1995)

Flight of Icarus (Piece of Mind, 1983)

Fear of the Dark (Fear of the Dark, 1992)

The Number of the Beast (The Number of the Beast, 1982)

Iron Maiden (Iron Maiden, 1980)


The Evil That Men Do (Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, 1988)

Hallowed Be Thy Name (The Number of the Beast, 1982)

Run to the Hills (The Number of the Beast, 1982)

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