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Is The Walking Dead’s logic flawed in latest episode?

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

This week's episode titled ‘Do Not Send Us Astray’ was riddled with guts, death, nostalgia, action, but most arguably; a great flaw in logic throughout.

Source: AMC

Firstly, I liked this episode, but I can by no means say that it was perfect. It had most things I wanted, plenty of ‘war-like’ action and the threat of the actual walkers! To me, the walker outbreak from the ‘tainted weapons’ (I’ll get on to that) was reminiscent of the flu in the prison, where there was a sort of domino effect.

Also please tell me I’m not the only one who hates Henry? I mean there’s always a certain morality about hating children but come on! I actually think he is the most annoying and stupid child on The Walking Dead ever, which is saying a lot…

Next thing that has been particularly annoying for some time is Maggie. I’ve never really liked Maggie since the start, but I’m getting so fed up of her ‘leadership’ being praised very two minutes. Having read the comics, I know why this is happening but I don’t even think she’s a particularly special leader, she’s just better than Gregory (which isn’t hard), but I think it’s being overdone and almost cringey and is clearly being done to create a ‘tough strong woman’ (rolls eyes)

Now for the overbearing flaws, because there are more than one. Firstly, why did the Saviours go to the fight with bows and arrows? They must surly know that Rick and the Hilltop have guns, they’ve seen that so many times. Secondly, why did hardly any of the Saviours die when they approached the house? They were all in the lines of vision of everyone who was hiding. I can’t understand this at all, unless the show did decide to turn into Pulp Fiction.

Source: AMC

The main point people seem to be discussing is the tainted weapons. Firstly, I know this also happens in the comics but even then this seems far fetched given that the survivors have been covering themselves in walker guts for years. If the logic is that they ingest walker blood, surly some has gotten in someone’s mouth or eyes at some point? Or is it just if the contaminated blood enters their blood stream. Understandably, the latter makes more sense, but even then this idea seems a bit ambitious.

As for death predictions, I can see the following characters meeting their end in either the finale or in the coming episodes; Simon, Tara and possibly Morgan.

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