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Kentwell Hall’s Scaresville returns with a scream!

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Long Melford’s famous Halloween attraction reopens for yet another year.

The attraction requires visitors to enter in groups to make their way around the haunted village through woods and buildings where they will find thrills and unsettling encounters across the route.

With the attraction meeting great success with each year, the scares and experiences will change. This means that Scaresville is exciting and unexpected each year.

It takes approximately an hour to cover the whole route but this may vary depending upon group progress.

Although it is exciting on the night, a great deal of work is made by the crew to assemble and create the fantastic sets that the guests will see. This includes constructing the lighting, sound, walls and floors; as well as installing hundreds of props across the village to produce the best experience possible.

Scaresville is subsequently proud to announce that they were the winners of the 2017 Best Multi Part Halloween Event award.

The terrifying event lasts from October 3rd to November 3rd so get your tickets now for the scare of your life!


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