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Lush Imperialis Facial Moisturiser Review

Over the years, I have become more invested in my skincare routine. I’ve decided I don’t want to overload my skin with a thousand products as you see nowadays, but I want something that is affordable to do the job fast. I don’t particularly suffer from acne, but I do have a lot of flushed redness in my face as well as drier and sensitive skin.

I have also found that I prefer more natural based products or those without harmful ingredients as my skin is more on the sensitive side. so with that, I am posting a few blogs about different skincare products I have introduced into my everyday collection.

What Lush says about this product:

‘A light balancing face cream packed with herbal goodies to restore your skin to its majestic beauty. It’s loaded with plant infusions of lavender, St John’s wort, sweet violet, sunflower, elderflower, and mullein, which have been used for centuries to help restore and revive skin. The perfect all-rounder, and ideal if you’re not sure what your skin needs.’

This is not all going to be Lush I swear. I found that this moisturiser is definitely one where a little goes a long way. I use a tiny amount (about a 1 pence piece size) which can cover my whole face and part of my neck. If I use too much, my skin ends up looking and feeling quite greasy, so this will definitely last a long time. Personally, I found that the moisturiser doesn’t do a hell of a lot for me apart from moisturise it, but from a price point I could get something far cheaper to do the same thing. Naturally I invested in this as I hoped it could further tackle redness but it hasn’t really done anything for it. I think this product would actually be brilliant if you have more combination skin. Imperialis retails at £18 for 45ml which I think is quite expensive for what you’re getting, but as a little goes a long way it could be justified.


Buy it here: https://uk.lush.com/products/imperialis

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