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Marty’s ‘Dance With You’ will leave you twirling through the summer!

Updated: May 13

If you have been around for a while, you might remember I interviewed Marty a few months back. The Nottingham indie trio have featured heavily on BBC Introducing over the past year. And it is no surprise! The girls have some of the most beautiful and well fitted harmonies I have every heard. You know when you hear harmonies and they just work so naturally well? Marty are the perfect example of that.

13th May marks the latest single release by Marty, with the track ‘Dance With You.’

Straight off the bat, given the surrounding circumstances of COVID-19, Dance With You is an uplifting and feel-good track for such worrying times. It is a sweet, romantic and happy song which is not only reflected lyrically, but in the melody as well. It is a beautiful song, not just during the times of self-isolation either, it offers a feel-good and positive energy that will stick with you.

As always, Marty have completely hit the nail on the head with their enchanting vocals and harmonies. Each of the girls has something different to offer and puts their own spin on their pieces, which only piques the interest more!

The relatability and simplicity of Dance With You is something to truly enjoy, most people would say they have been in a similar situation or thought about it. Simplicity is not a bad thing in this song. The track is easy to listen to and never tries to be over the top or overload you. It works perfectly at being an enjoyable indie-pop song with great talent driving behind it.

The melody is catchy, well-structured, and creative, which is certainly something to strive for. The song achieves its title goal, it makes you want to dance. Dance With You will be a perfect track for throughout the summer especially.

Marty always manage to make each of their tracks different and put on a spin to make each one truly individual. Dance With You is no different!


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Marty's social links:


Instagram: thebandmarty

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBandMarty/

Twitter: @TheBandMarty

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