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Nocean Interview: Combining music with the arts...

Swedish band, Nocean are about to work on a rather original idea for their upcoming third album. What it is? They are essentially combining their music with an animated short film.

The band's official Facebook page describes the band as:

The Stockholm based band Nocean combines melodic rock and metal with a strong female front, a cinematic sound and powerful, energized and overwhelming live shows. The band has gained a large following around the world with fans who are demanding to see them on tour.

I spoke to singer, Hanna Olsson about the band's upcoming album and the work around it.

I've seen you're working on something very original for your third album! Can you tell me a bit more about it?

Hanna: "Yeah, we are making an even bigger "art" project for this album, combining our music with theatrical elements, an animated short film and a more epic, cinematic sound in our song production. Inspired by for example, Tim Burton's movies and the composer Danny Elfman, we are creating a gothic saga with an animated movie that will be integrated to our live show and to the album project. It's very exciting, difficult and so special to write songs with a fictional story -even though the main theme is something we can relate to as well and when I write the lyrics I use my thoughts and feelings of course. We are actually releasing our first single from the album very soon."

Formed in 2014, the band has very much grown with the digital era. Some may think with the rise of social media and thousands of aspiring artists, it is extremely difficult to make it far.

However, Hanna said: "It has made us realise that we can come very far working independent, without a label. We can control every part and reach out to many people very easily. But it's also taking a lot of time to work with social media, more time than we want. It's fun for sure but you need to update so often and sometimes it takes too much energy from the writing process. But we like to be creative, especially on our Instagram."

Photo by Kerstin Olsson

Throughout their journey, the band has made a lot of life changing and treasured memories.

Hanna reflected: "We have many great memories of course, [such as] going abroad for the first time, but for me the best memory would be when we played at Sweden Rock Festival in 2017, first time we ever played at such big festival. It was so well organised and we had lots of fun! Awesome, big crowd and we were on national television in an interview after and that was really cool. Something we had dreamt about for so long and it came true. Another big memory is when we woke up the night after we released The Change - a music video in 360 degrees. We put 50$ in advertising on Facebook and it got over 100 000 views just over one night. We got many new followers and realised - we can really reach out to people as a smaller independent band."

What has been the most rewarding part of creating music so far?

Hanna: "For me, it's to stand on the stage I think. Presenting something that is honest and truly me, and expressing it with music is a really special feeling. I love playing live and to challenge myself - to develop my part of the live show and of course to interact with the audience. On stage, I am nothing but myself, even if I am in a costume or just in plain, black clothes. It's hard to describe but it's like my soul is in its right place when I'm performing, and especially when it's music and lyrics that I have written. But besides that, the magic in making music together with others is always fascinating. How my ideas can work with other's, how we blend in into something new and something that is us. To experience all the good stuff together, touring, recording. It's like having a family with members who share your biggest interests."

With the exciting third album as a key priority for the band, what the rest of the year has in store for the band will no doubt, be busy.

Hanna said: "2020, our goal is to finish the album and therefore we won't be touring as much as before. The plan is to apply for financial support to afford to make this really epic and big, [and] touring some big stages when the album is released. We want to approach another kind of area, more like an epic family show than playing at rock pubs. We hope to be able to work full time, in some periods at least, with writing new music. A dream would of course be to go to the states or South America where we have many fans. The future is definitely exciting!"

Follow Nocean's instagram: @noceantheband

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