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Over half of Augmented Reality companies are working on industrial uses

Virtual and Augmented Reality have become stable terms for fans of gaming and entertainment for years.

However, in the recent XR Industry Insight report, 65% of surveyed companies have said they are working on enterprise applications compared to 35% for consumer functions such as entertainment and gaming. This follows the trend that Extended Reality companies are showing far less interest in developing for the industry.

But why such a change in direction?

Introducing XR as a solution for industrial companies has actually become an attractive proposition for developers. This is because using XR can boost companies' safety and efficiency which will lead to be a better overall productivity.

Virtual Reality has the potential to simulate cost-worthy investments into equipment and machinery, as well as potentially dangerous environments which could pose risks to workers. On the other hand, Augmented Reality has the advantage of providing vital information directly to the user whilst being able to cut down the time required by engineers and maintenance workers to find the information through guides and other means.

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