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Poison Ivy Sepia DC Bombshell Statue Review!

Poison Ivy is my favourite female villain of all time and definitely one of my favourite Batman villains. I particularly love how appealing her statues are as there is so much room for creative designs!

I was hooked on this statue as soon as I saw that a DC Bombshells line existed. I know a lot of people prefer the original design of this statue but I absolutely love the muted colour scheme as it feels a lot more vintage and 'bombshell' to me.

That being said, I do find a lot of the time Poison Ivy's face on statues can look slightly off. However, on the Bombshell statue, I think her look is captured perfectly. There is so much detail and creativity hat has gone into this statue. I love the pose, tattoo and butterfly details, and even the love heart made from the thorns and vines. It is larger than expected and is certainly a unique collector's piece. All of the thorns and the plaque slot into place pretty easily and the statue feels robust and sturdy.

This is my favourite Poison Ivy statue that I own! I feel it was slightly expensive but reasonably priced compared to others.


Buy the Poison Ivy Sepia Bombshells Statue with my Zavvi link: http://tidd.ly/384f9ace

Check out my video review below for a better look!

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