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REVIEW: Atwood's 'Ghost' is hauntingly beautiful

Rating: 4/5

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Hailing from Milan, Atwood have been experimenting with their sound over the past few years, to form their soft rock staple with pop and electronic influences.

Their latest singles, Dance In the Sun and Ghost have in particular amassed a lot of success for the Italian band.

2019 was certainly a defining year for the band as after winning Kleisma’s Nuove Prospettive contest, Atwood then had the chance to play at 1MNext final, and later played at the Drink’em All Festival.

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‘Ghost’ deals with exactly what the title suggests, mourning. The lyrics describe the intense feelings of hopelessness as well as the painful reminders, although it’s a sad subject matter, it is an important one to discuss.

The track begins with a loud and intense electronic hit accompanied by the repetitive beat of drums with the accompanying guitars. The track dips to the soft synths of the verse before the vocals commence. The vocals are quite delicate and haunting which given the nature of the song, contrasts well against the preceding loud vibrancy. The synths gradually build up tension as the chorus grows nearer, with the emotive lyrics becoming louder.

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The chorus is loud and fuelled by the surging feelings from the lyrics. It works well to not just feel like a sad song, but there is a great sense of rhythm and beat which could make Ghost work well in a clubby setting too. It is a versatile song. You really get a sense of the various influences for this song, from pop-punk to the modern electronic background sounds.

Ghost dips back into the toned down verse with the softer but upbeat vocals. There is a great transition to the pre-chorus again with the steady increasing in intensity. This section is great in the song for dealing with the frustrations and realisation of the loss, which is conveyed well by Atwood.

The chorus again bursts to life with the returning all-round intensity. Next, Ghost dips down to the same soft synths from the start of the song which effectively break up the track. The bridge is similar lyrically to the pre-chorus but instead deals with confusion and desperation to get what is lost back. This twists into the chorus which repeats until the end of the song and finishes with the same synths from the start.

Overall, Atwood deliver on a song that is varied and works well as a pop-punk track whilst also being a bit clubbier at times. I feel it will have a good range of appeal!

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