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REVIEW: Avon Planet Spa Antioxidant Overnight Face Treatment

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Over the years, I have become more invested in my skincare routine. I’ve decided I don’t want to overload my skin with a thousand products as you see nowadays, but I want something that is affordable to do the job fast. I don’t particularly suffer from acne, but I do have a lot of flushed redness in my face as well as drier and sensitive skin.

I have also found that I prefer more natural based products or those without harmful ingredients as my skin is more on the sensitive side. so with that, I am posting a few blogs about different skincare products I have introduced into my everyday collection.

What Avon say about this product:

‘Revitalise your senses and nourish your skin with the antioxidant-rich face treatment’

The use of Arctic lingonberries is beneficial for the skin as they contain vitamins A, B, C, E and K. I really like the way this product feels on my skin, much like The Body Shop one this product soaks beautifully into my skin. It will not be greasy and end up on your pillow. The berry scent is extremely refreshing and the formula is almost like a combination between and gel and a cream which absorbs wonderfully into the skin. In the morning, my skin feels very recharged, nourished and smooth. I’ve found Avon skincare to be a bit hit or miss, so this was a great win for me! You get 75ml for the usual price of £5.50, but Avon are always having sales.


Buy it online at https://www.avon.uk.com/ OR in an Avon brochure

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