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REVIEW: Primark PS Bare Faced Beauty Argan Oil Facial Cleansing Wipes

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Over the years, I have become more invested in my skincare routine. I’ve decided I don’t want to overload my skin with a thousand products as you see nowadays, but I want something that is affordable to do the job fast. I don’t particularly suffer from acne, but I do have a lot of flushed redness in my face as well as drier and sensitive skin.

I have also found that I prefer more natural based products or those without harmful ingredients as my skin is more on the sensitive side. so with that, I am posting a few blogs about different skincare products I have introduced into my everyday collection.

I wasn’t sure whether to include these as to me it doesn’t count as traditional skincare. However, I’ve really enjoyed using these Primark makeup wipes. They work well at removing my makeup (including mascara) without irritating my eyes which I have found in the past. Due to the argan oil infusion, I have found that these wipes also work well at hydrating my skin.

You can really smell the argan oil in the wipes which I personally like, but you may not. I feel that the argan oil does a fantastic job of ensuring that my skin doesn’t feel dry or stripped of moisture after removing my makeup. I do not find the makeup wipes are harsh on my skin or irritate it in anyway and leave it feeling soft and clean.

Retailing at £1 for two packs of 25 wipes, it’s an offer you can’t refuse! These wipes are flawless, especially when you factor in the price. These particular wipes are obviously targeted towards drier skin types, but there are other variations of makeup wipes which help with others too.


Buy in store at your nearest Primark: https://stores.primark.com/search

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