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Revolution Pro Correcting Face Primer (Anti-Redness) Review

Updated: Jun 24

This is a very different sort of post for my blog, but as a recent purchase I decided to share my thoughts.

As far as I am aware, this product is fairly new to the Revolution Pro range as there is a similar primer in their standard range.

So what does the product claim to do? According to Superdrug, this primer claims:

‘Blush, but only where you want it! Lightweight and water-based, Revolution PRO Correcting Anti-Redness Primer contains sheer mint pigments that help to balance and conceal unwanted redness in the complexion.’

First of all, my skin is fairly normal-dry but it is sensitive and very prone to redness/flushing hence why this product captured my attention. Specifically, I was on the hunt for some sort of product to replace foundation as I genuinely don’t feel the need to invest in such a product to simply cover some facial redness.

So with that, how did the Revolution Pro Correcting face primer perform?

I found the tube to be rather strange as I found that product would just ooze from the top so I feel that so much was wasted by ending up in the tube cap. I also felt that the product went down quite quickly and the tube soon felt ‘airy’ and I wasn’t using much product as I only applied it to my cheeks.

The actual product, I really liked. It was lightweight and corrected fairly well so my skin looked more even toned without masking any of my natural skin (Hope that makes sense). I found that it did give a green-grey tinge to my face so it almost looked dull, but this tends to be the case for green correcting primers. However, I didn’t find this to be a drastic issue as I applied some non-translucent powder across these areas to bring back colouring. I found it fairly hard to determine the wear-time of the product as it is so natural looking.

Primer applied with powder

Primer applied with powder

I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a natural face product to even skin tone, especially for the price point at £7. I’d also recommend it to anyone with redness discolouration who will also apply some form of foundation of face product over the top.

I would consider purchasing the Revolution Pro Correcting Face Primer again, but I will probably look around for other products to try. This is due to the amount of product included and the packaging which can be improved.

Buy the Revolution Pro Correcting Face Primer here: http://tidd.ly/936cd655


Please leave a comment down below to let me know what you thought of the Revolution Pro Correcting Face Primer.

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