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St. Ives Even & Bright Pink Lemon & Orange Scrub Review

Over the years, I have become more invested in my skincare routine. I’ve decided I don’t want to overload my skin with a thousand products as you see nowadays, but I want something that is affordable to do the job fast. I don’t particularly suffer from acne, but I do have a lot of flushed redness in my face as well as drier and sensitive skin.

I have also found that I prefer more natural based products or those without harmful ingredients as my skin is more on the sensitive side. so with that, I am posting a few blogs about different skincare products I have introduced into my everyday collection.

What St. Ives say about this product:

Infused with natural pink lemon and mandarin peel extract, this face scrub has a moderate exfoliation level for radiant skin. Use it 3-4 times a week for beautifully polished skin that glows. Note for the pros – use it before makeup for a lovely smooth base. Ideal for dry or sensitive skin types. Polishes away little imperfections for bright, radiant skin

Firstly, the scrub is made with 100% natural exfoliants and is dermatologically tested. It is also paraben free, hypoallergenic and won’t block pores. This is great for sensitive skin as it should not irritate the skin. I use this scrub during the shower so it is easy to rinse off. I love this scrub and wouldn’t consider changing to another. It provides just the right amount of exfoliation for me as in it’s not too abrasive so it irritates but it doesn’t feel like it’s doing nothing. My skin feels instantly smoother and does genuinely look more radiant. This product has certainly helped me with my facial redness so I highly recommend it. The natural elements are a big bonus for me. I prefer to use this product once or twice a week just in case I over-exfoliate and cause dryness. The scrub retails for £5.65 for 150ml and it is worth every penny!


Buy it here: https://www.superdrug.com/Skin/Face-Skin-Care/Cleansers/Face-Scrubs/St-Ives-Even-%26-Bright-Pink-Lemon-%26-Orange-Scrub-150ml/p/738569#pdp__details or https://www.boots.com/st-ives-even-and-bright-pink-lemon-and-mandarin-orange-scrub-150-ml-10229267

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