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Suicide Squad Review: Yay or Nay?

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

To set the scene, Suicide Squad was arguably one of the most anticipated movies in recent cinematic years. Following the end of the notorious Dark Knight Trilogy and the rather underwhelming Batman Vs. Superman, Suicide Squad had a lot of pressure on its shoulders.

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Unfortunately, Suicide Squad didn’t live up to expectations for most fans. The outcome of the overly hyped film left much of the audience feeling like they’d wasted the last few months of over-excitement for what was anticipated to be a masterpiece (or near enough). I may be coming across as harsh but in recent years, I have never been so disappointed by a film from a franchise I hold close to my heart. Quite frankly, Suicide Squad is one of those films where the more times you watch it, the more flaws you notice. Suicide Squad is a film full of many flaws as well as the misleading trailers, so where did Suicide Squad go so wrong for me? Here are just some of the reasons…

The Writing

To me the ‘plot’ to Suicide Squad seemed somewhat lacking, watered down and cliche. There never seemed to be any real substance to the whole purpose of Suicide Squad, in fact the plot made no sense at all as the DC heroes are prominent in the DCEU at this point.

An issue which aggravated me the most, and no doubt many of my fellow DC fans was the lack of the beloved character the Joker and the complete mess with writing the characters. For those who have witnessed this monstrosity of a film will probably agree with me in saying, the Joker was in the trailer more than the actual film. The issue here is clear, the writers should have followed the story line of Batman: Assault on Arkham in which, Joker has a far more prominent role and serves as the antagonist rather than a dreadful villain like Enchantress. If the writers essentially made the Joker be the primary villain, the characters would be likely to be more developed so we can decide if Leto’s Joker is even worthy. In my opinion although I do really like Jared Leto, his take on Joker was poor especially when you compare it to the phenomenal performances of Heath Ledger and Mark Hamill. Plus we may actually remember who Slipknot was and the writers could have eliminated the mess of Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress.

The Costumes

Another thing avid comic book readers would agree on is the mess of Harley Quinn and Joker’s relationship. The comparison to the source material could not be more different. Instead of the complex abuse of Harley Quinn (which therefore makes her a far more intriguing character), fans are met with an eye-rolling fanfiction which make my insides crumble every time I see ‘Joker + Harley’ fan pages. I found this tedious to watch and cringe-worthy as it just didn’t even slightly resemble the Joker and Harley Quinn I am familiar with. That’s without even mentioning the costume choices.

It may just be me but the costumes of some of the characters just didn’t look right. Now would be the time to praise Will Smith who, to me, was the only redeeming element of the entire movie, he fit the role pretty well and aside from a few cheesy lines was absolutely fine. Margot Robbie’s acting as Harley Quinn was cringey, Harley’s iconic high pitched Boston accent was gone and replaced with Robbie’s accent which was all over the place (obviously there are far worse things about this film), her acting was semi-decent but again it just made me cringe. Undoubtedly the worst part about Harley Quinn was the horrific costume. Don’t get me wrong, Harley is a semi-sexualised character, but her costume didn’t resemble anything classic Harley Quinn (apart from a brief scene). I wish they went for something more classic or at least similar to the Arkham games in which Harley sports her classic red and black colour scheme. I also wasn’t feeling ‘gangster’ Joker look, they are two words that shouldn’t be put together.

The Over-hype

Although this problem wasn’t necessarily the fault of DC, the over anticipation of Suicide Squad did not help its case. At the time of writing, the Suicide Squad official trailer holds 83 million YouTube views as well at making over $740 million at the Box Office therefore showing it’s high anticipation. This in turn produced many disappointed fans who were hoping for a film that was more fleshed out. Many fans originally were comparing the pre-released material to Guardians of the Galaxy which had the perfect combination of likeable characters, humour and action to appeal to audiences. It was clear that the team behind Suicide Squad intended to follow in its footsteps but somewhat failed. To be fair, some parts of the humour and action were enjoyable but on the whole it seemed pretty ‘meh’ in comparison.

Overall, I would personally rated Suicide Squad 1.5/5 as although some parts were enjoyable and it was interesting to see some characters appear on the big screen for the first time, it failed to live up to most expectations and just left fans annoyed.

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