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SUNGLO talk debut EP 'Are You Happy?'

Updated: Mar 2

A Manchester based band that mixes up elements of different musical genres to make their sound truly their own. And they love cats! What more could you want? Last year, SUNGLO debuted their EP 'Are You Happy?' which was met with a positive reception. Since then, the band is keen to carry on touring and doing what they love. I had a little chat with the band about themselves and the EP!

Can you first tell me a little bit about yourselves and how you came to form the band?

"We're all based in Manchester and met through friends at uni, but Cam and Andy go as far back as high school. We banded together through our love of Grunge, Wetherspoons, and furry animals."

What inspired the band name?

"For some inexplicable reason I (Kady) was set on 'Sunscrub' as a band name but luckily the guys made me realised how terrible it was and we ended up mixing it with one of my favourite songs at the time, "Day glo" by Hazel."

Photo by Ellie Clark

Your music has elements of various genres, I wondered why you decided to use a mixture?

"I think we can only put that down to being fans of all kinds of music ourselves. We take inspiration from our favourite artists when writing new material but don't really make a conscious effort to mix genres. The vocals do naturally tend to add an element of soul to whatever distorted madness we create in the studio though."

You look like you have a lot of fun behind the scenes, do you think this is important?

"Yeah it's a blast, cause we are all such great friends we tend to mess around in each others company. But at the same time being all dedicated musicians we naturally continually strive to get to the next level. We believe it is important to continue this relationship as when it comes to touring together we can't wait cause we have too much fun."

Photo by David Hall

What would you say have been the most influential songs to you as a band?

Cam - "Serve the Servants" by Nirvana

Oli - "Waiting Room" by Fugazi

Andy - *insert any song by Nirvana*

Kady - "3's & 7's" by Queens of the Stone Age

So obviously congratulations on the EP! What would you say are the messages behind the album?

"Thank you! A lot of the lyrics from "Are You Happy?" revolve around dealing with day to day life so they are pretty personal, however they're smothered in metaphors so it's hard to tell. They jump from dealing with leaving education and adjusting to living in the real world to manic mood swings and being bad at skateboarding."

Photo by Ellie Clark

Possibly the most important question, whose cats are they!?

"Cameron's mother is the proud owner of our new saxophone players Heathcliff Paul Jack and Dimebag Charles Dickens."

What have you got planned for this year?

"We've been working some new tunes that are a bit heavier and more riff-based than our latest releases which we're dead excited to share with everyone. After recording these singles and finishing off some brand new music videos you can expect a LOT of touring from us later in the year and each gig is guaranteed to be crazier than the last.

Also we'll be sure to post many more various animal-related photos on our insta."

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Instagram: @sungloband

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SUNGLOband/

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