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The 'Ex-Girlfriend' everyone needs in their life!

Sierra created her Instagram persona of 'Ex-Girlfriend' in October 2019 and released her single 'Creepy' released later that same month. She's the new pop-punk rock artist you need to check out! Since the single's release, shiny new artist, Ex-Girlfriend has steadily found a fanbase and following! I had the pleasure of chatting to the charming Ex-Girlfriend!

So, first of all, where did you get the name [Creepy] from?

Ex Girlfriend: "It’s kind of a funny story but that’s kind of the name that was tied to the track. So the name of the track was called creepy and I was just like really inspired by, I have recently watched like the Ted Bundy stuff, I was living at college at the time so I was watching Netflix all the time. And I watched like the Ted Bundy stuff and then ‘You’ had come out recently that other Netflix series, and that one was wild to me like I was watching it and it was so crazy. And I would read on Twitter and see people that were like ‘wow Ted Bundy sexy serial killer haha’ and I’m like with ‘You’ that one is crazy to me because they say that the main character of it is like sexy and stuff, but he is really scary and does crazy stuff. So I was just like inspired to make a kind of satire and point out that they glamorise that kind of stuff but they really obviously don’t portray it accurately, that’s not at all what it feels like to actually be stalked or be harassed by people. So it basically all came together, I just wanted to make it kind of a satire I guess."

Source: exgirlfriendofficial Instagram

You as a person, you seem to have quite a quirky kind of style, so is this kind of just you or did it come from somewhere?

Ex-Girlfriend: "No honestly I have, you’ll see with the next song that I have coming out I spend a lot of time in my life trying to like conform to what people want and kind of just subdue my personality because I wanted to fit in better and be more likable. But it’s really, really exhausting to live that way. So, I just decided with starting this Ex-Girlfriend movement and everything, I was basically going to be like ‘f’ it I’m gonna do me. I’m going to live authentically I’m gonna wear what kinda clothes I wanna wear, I’m gonna have my hair how I want it, if I wanna wear hair extensions, I’m gonna wear them. Like I just basically decided I’m really tired of that and I’m just gonna do me."

You’ve been quite quickly rising in prominence; do you know kind of where this came from?

Ex-Girlfriend: "Honestly I don’t, it’s been surprising to me how people are responding to everything I’ve put out and on my pictures and stuff. I think probably the biggest reason I’ve been rising in popularity is because I look for other fellow artists on Instagram and I try my best to be really supportive of them. Just because like I think in music and any kind of art type, it’s really important to foster like a really supportive environment and be there for your fellow artists and stuff. And if you treat people how you wanna be treated, they usually will do the same, so it’s been a good experience so far. I’ve only had this [Instagram] account for about I’d probably say 3 or 4 months so it’s been like a little overwhelming how fast and how exponential everything has been growing."

Is there a particular direction you are hoping your music will take?

Ex-Girlfriend: "For me and my whole entire thing was music is I want to be able to get out there, tour and reach people, make a difference in people’s lives. And basically my vision for Ex-Girlfriend is pretty similar. I’ll tell you what my goal is really, if I really could have a following and fanbase like Yungblud and make a difference like he has, that’s my goal. He’s one of the most influential newer artists that I tend to follow and love. Something that he really has inspired me, I’ve met him a few times in person and we’ve talked about this to like starting music, hesitating, how risky of a business it is to get into, all that stuff. He’s one of the reasons why I’ve been like inspired to do it and go for it, so I’d say yeah if I could make a difference like he has, that would definitely be something, I love that."

Obviously it’s now the new year, so is there anything with this year that you’re planning with your music at all?

Ex-Girlfriend: "I’m planning to release a few more singles and I plan on putting together like maybe one or two of the best ones, carrying the theme of those two and then making an EP out of that. I’d like to be able to get that out in about 6 months and then after that I plan to start touring a little bit. My goal for the end of the year is to do a small tour, probably be like [around] California so it’ll probably be like San Francisco a couple shows, LA a couple shows, and then San Diego a couple shows. So yeah, I think my main goal for this year is just to get out, do as much as I can and reach as many people as possible."

So just a kind of random question, so where did you get the name Ex-Girlfriend from?

Ex-Girlfriend: "I love this question! So, I’ve loved music my whole life, it’s been the thing that keeps me going every single day. I’ll probably open up about this more throughout the rest of my career. I plan on being super open with my fans because I’ve always respected artists that did that and felt like solace and comfort in what they said. But I’ve had a lot of experiences that have like depressed me or made me so heartbroken, sad, we all have, that’s just a part of life. But in high school, I was so super hopelessly romantic with people, I’d try to you know date people and I’d try to be with people and I’d really want like a solid commitment and they were always the type that were ‘no I’m not into the commitment’ so I’d get my heart broken a lot. I got hurt a lot and when I was alone and sad I’d be like in my room practicing guitar, singing or writing songs and I’d think to myself ‘man, one day they’re gonna see me up on stage and they’re gonna be like ‘hey! That’s my ex-girlfriend!’ And so that’s why I thought of it kind of, because I have a lot of exes in my life so there’s a lot of people that know me as their ex-girlfriend. And I always thought it was kinda funny and that’s one of the reasons I got super into music was just you relate to music when you’re going through hard times like when you’re going through it, you really feel like what those people are saying."

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