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The Most Unsettling Red Dead Redemption 2 Encounters

Updated: Mar 27

Red Dead Redemption 2 is undeniably a game that makes you question everything. Jam-packed with many unexpected and at times creepy people, locations and encounters, it’s hard to narrow them down to the most unsettling. Today, I will give you my picks for the most unsettling Red Dead Redemption 2 encounters!

The Vampire of Saint Denis

Location of the vampire encounter (circled) with the clues shown by the question marks.

This Easter egg can be found in Saint Denis after uncovering all 5 of the vampire’s clues. Once you have done this, head towards the circled location between the hours of 12:00AM and 1:00AM. On your map you should see a corpse marker in this location (it may not happen first time), in which case you will happen upon a creepy scene. You will see the vampire drinking the blood of his victim where you will engage in some unsettling dialogue. If you stay in this area or antagonise the vampire, he will attack you. However, if you manage to kill this supernatural opponent, you will be able to loot his Ornate Dagger! But it makes you wonder, what other supernatural beings hide in the shadows?

Source: Red Dead Wiki

The Ghost of Agnes Dowd

Found around Bluewater Marsh, this encounter is not only eerie but one with a sad background. The ghost of Agnes Dowd can be referenced a few times by different NPCs, but you can actually find her in this location. Travel to the area between the hours of 9PM and 3AM when it is foggy, and you could be in with a chance of seeing or hearing a woman crying or speaking. Apparently, there are 16 different encounters with her ghost before she is gone forever. But bear in mind not to get too close to her or she will disappear! Judging by Agnes’ dialogue and actions, it is suggested that she committed suicide after falling in love with a man her parents didn’t approve of.

Source: Red Dead Wiki

The Ghost Train

To find the location of the ghost train, head to the train tracks near Scarlett Meadows and look for the Lemoyne sign. To see the train, wait until 3AM at the location, but be aware it may not happen first time. I found that a sign that the train is approaching is that Arthur’s horse may start to become uneasy by stamping or whining. The train will then pass and eventually disappear even if you follow it. There is also no actual in-game reward for finding the train, but it is sure to make you feel unsettled and leave you with many questions!

Source: IGN


You can find this UFO north of Emerald Ranch, where you will happen upon a chilling scene. Inside the cabin you will see a lot of skeletons, seemingly from some sort of cult with a ‘leader’ also long deceased at a table. What you need to do is take the note from the table and read it where you will be given a clue. It contains ‘At the second hour under the half moon’. So what you have to do is return inside the cabin at 2:00AM on a half moon where you have your other-worldly encounter. There is another UFO encounter you can have, but I chose to feature this one due to the really creepy scene!

Source: YouTube, GamerForEternity

Massive Dead Snake

Located right by the ‘O’ in Lemoyne, this encounter is kind of terrifying! There hanging in the trees and you’re going on your merry way is a huge dead orange snake – at least someone else did the deed! This encounter is completely random, why it is there, who killed it and are there others? These are only a few of the burning questions you may have after finding this serpent!

Source: YouTube, Somewhat Awesome Games

The Witch Cauldron

You can find this creepy encounter in a hut by the ‘N’ in Ambarino. Once you head inside, you’ll see that the hut does indeed scream witchcraft. There are weird ingredients and a chest in the room as well as the cauldron centrepiece. You can actually drink from the cauldron for some reason, but be warned you will pass out and end up outside of the cabin. However, what the effects of the cauldron’s contents are, is unknown. This makes this encounter arguably even more unsettling!

Source: YouTube, Somewhat Awesome Games

Braithwaite’s Secret

This encounter can be found around Braithwaite Manor in a small outhouse. As you approach this outhouse, you will hear the voice of a girl. If you attempt to peek into the outhouse, the girl will try to grab at you and laugh manically. It can be revealed that this girl is Gertrude Braithwaite, the daughter of Catherine Braithwaite. Gertrude was locked in the outhouse due to being mentally insane and the pride of the family meant she was not sent to a sanatorium. This encounter is unsettling for this reason. If you return during the epilogue, you’ll sadly find that Gertrude has perished.

Source: YouTube, Somewhat Awesome Games

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