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The Walking Dead Finale Misses The Point

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

To conclude the bumpy season built around the war between Rick and Negan, the season finale would be expected to heavily feature gore, violence and the loss of main characters. However The Walking Dead did not follow this and instead ended up with a bit of an anti climax.

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On the one hand, the twist with Eugene sabotaging the bullets did make for redemption for the seemingly useless character who had done very little to be so in his time on the show. Although this did make for a heroic moment for the presumed traitor, I expected there to be some sort of war nonetheless. It all seemed rather ironic considering it follows the comic book storyline titled ‘All Out War’. For the remainder of the episode I was sat expecting there to be something to justify this build up to what was hopefully going to be an all out war.

This seemed evermore aggravating given that deaths such as Carl’s should have occurred here rather than randomly in the middle. Although this can be justified by saying that Carl’s death caused Rick to think to rebuild a functioning society and therefore spare Negan, the idea that no major or even secondary character died made the whole notion of war rather redundant.

I can’t really comment on the actions taken by Rick to take Negan hostage as this is what occurs in the comics, therefore it came as no surprise that Negan survived the war. To those who haven’t read the comics the reaction will vary depending on whether or not they like Negan.

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On the other hand, the planned plot against Rick by Maggie, Daryl and Jesus seemed very out of character particularly for Jesus who serves as the moral compass and believes in preservation of life. This seems out of character for Daryl and Maggie as they have known Rick since the first two seasons of the show, so it seems odd that they wouldn’t approach him and ask to negotiate. I can’t understand the rationale behind turning on their ally and friend. Obviously Maggie would naturally be angry at Rick for not killing Negan, it still seems out if character for her to plot against him.

Source: The Walking Dead Wikia

One main point I am now anticipating is that the war has clearly come to a conclusion which means hope that the infamous group The Whisperers could serve as the main antagonists for Season 9. I feel their introduction will change the course of the show for the better if they are written well. Their introduction will toy with the idea of good and evil and how people are not clear cut, it will be a game changer which is something The Walking Dead needs right now. Another thing The Walking Dead should have done is cut down on the number characters which was a missed opportunity with the war.

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