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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 11 Review and Analysis ‘Dead or Alive Or’

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Last week’s episode was relatively pleasing, it was consistently engaging and in all honestly, this episode was much the same.

The episode titled ‘Dead or Alive Or’ was an enjoyable enough episode despite little of huge significance happening. However long term, the recent character death and twist is likely to develop into an interesting thread.

Source: AMC

Obviously, the death I’m referring to is Doctor Carson, who although had a minor role, his medical expertise is crucial to everyone around him, particularly in the future, Maggie. In this case, Father Gabriel who was struggling with a deteriorating eyesight, is likely to turn completely blind now that this death has occurred. Alas! Conveniently, new survivor Siddiq has medical experience.

This episode really highlighted how far Father Gabriel has really grown since his initial introduction, although his belief in God still serves as a driving factor for him, he has fully realised by this point that it takes far more than belief to survive in this apocalyptic world.

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One point I had noticed (and so appears has other people) is the hypocrisy of Tara. I have never liked Tara to be honest. Although Dwight did kill Denise, so she has reasons to want revenge, Tara’s belief that you can’t change sides shows her completely contradicting herself as we throw ourselves back to season 4 where Tara initially sided with The Governor before converting to Rick’s group. In this sense, I can really see Tara getting herself or someone else killed in the near future because of her ignorance and impulsiveness. This episode highlighted Dwight’s usefulness for the group, but Tara’s arrogance to not think of everyone else seems to spell a downhill spiral for her character.

Source: AMC

Another key theme in this episode was ‘back-stabbing’, last week we saw Simon. One thing I did really like is the ending, although other characters learned of Carl’s passing there was a real sense of unity as though the ‘real war’ is about to begin, which is emphasised by Negan’s chilling plan reveal at the episode’s conclusion.

Overall, there is not a great deal to discuss for this episode, it was still engaging to watch with enough suspense and action to satisfy, but possibly not as good as episode 10.

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