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The Walking Dead Season 8 Mid-season Finale Review (SPOILERS)

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

The divisive Series 8 of the explosive AMC zombie show has come to its mid-season break, but with this season on a steady decline in views, how well does this episode hold up?

See the trailer here:

+ Something specific I personally picked up on was the music score. This episode in particular I felt had an eerie and chilling atmosphere about it. I found the music powerful and made myself have a constant sense of feeling unsettled which is something I feel is important in a horror show.

– On the contrary, something I found unnecessary was the number of story lines in this episode. I felt some of them could have been cut to make room for the action and tension that is important for a mid-season break. When reflecting on the previous episode which heavily focused on Eugene, it seemed unneeded to once again briefly feature him as little had actually changed from where we left off.

– On a similar note, this could be argued as filler which I felt was irritating. Personally, I am not a fan of filler episodes at all, particularly during this season of All Out War. The filler in this episodes (mainly Eugene’s story line and the random montages of the character’s faces) should have been cut to make room and development for the huge shock of the episode.

+ Leading on to this, I thought the shock of the episode was well executed and at the same time heartbreaking and emotional. By this, I of course mean the reveal of Carl’s walker bite. This shock would have surprised even comic book fans as Carl is still alive in the comics to this date so TV Carl would have had a huge role to come. In a traditional Walking Dead fashion, this was the cliffhanger.

The implications for the remainder of the war and more importantly Rick’s stability is a slight wildcard from this point. However, with Carl being one of my favourite characters, I thought this was heartbreaking. It was revealed this bite was obtained a few episodes prior and was being kept hidden. With Carl being part of the main cast since series one, his death may surpass the sadness of Glenn’s.

+ In general, this episode kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. Therefore, in my eyes The Walking Dead has succeeded at achieving tension and interest, mainly through the episode’s intense action namely the burning of Alexandria.

– One point I found confusing was the confusing ordering of narrative with some

flashbacks and characters seemingly ‘teleporting’ which did cause me to lose focus at times.

Overall, I felt the episode had a range of tones from emotive, tension and action-packed. However, the amount of filler and story lines should have been cut down to heighten the emotions in response to Carl’s walker bite at the conclusion of the episode. But, the mid-season finale served its purpose of making us fans want more!

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