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Toxy's 'Heroin' will get you hooked!

Release Date: 28th February 2020

For Fans of: Santa Cruz, Radiohead

Current drummer of Santa Cruz, Toxy has just released his second single following ‘The City of Demons’. The Finnish artist’s new single ‘Heroin’ has a run time of 3 minutes 48 seconds and is true to a softer ‘moody’ rock genre.

A big appeal to this song is how it’s stripped back to the bones and in no way over the top. Because of this, I think the song will have a wide appeal.

I personally love Toxy’s vocals as they give a soft and ghost-like sound which enhances the ‘stripped back’ vibe of the song. It’s a beautiful song which is instantly engaging upon listening.

‘Heroin’ also gradually builds up with slight intensity but never tries to be anything excessive. This is a great example of where simplicity is better than being extreme. It’s easy to listen to with a romantic feel.

The sound is so unique, it’s quite hard to compare it to anything else. Radiohead comes to mind which is similar in the way that simplicity is done right.

‘Heroin’ was a great listen, where I felt hooked within the first seconds.

Listen to Heroin here:

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