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Why the mobile phone concert epidemic must stop 

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

I once went to see an incredible concert, I remember how excited everyone was when they came on stage performing their classic songs. Then I happened to notice a man sat in the seat in front of me glued to his phone. He was on Facebook posting a status along the lines of ‘Having a great time watching *band name*’, yet I don’t think I remember him looking away from his phone screen. That’s just the start of it. Just imagine being engrossed in a phenomenal performance of your favourite musician, and then you look around at the sea of phone screens. 

Concert crowds no longer seem to just watch the concert with their own eyes but now prefer to have a zombie-like gaze as they view the show through their phone recordings. 

Sure, sending a quick snap to show your friends what it is like is acceptable. However, when you’re robotically glued to your phone recording the entire concert, that is where the issue lies. Why not live in the moment and watch the show right before your eyes? Is there really a purpose to going home and watching a shaky video packed with bright stage lights so that you can’t even see the performer? 

Perhaps I am an old soul who cannot bear to be stuck to technology 24/7, but I can’t help my eyes automatically rolling in disappointment when a fellow concert-goer instinctively puts their phone up ready to record a concert, for which they could have potentially paid hundreds of pounds for. Not only that, but it’s just plain distracting for everyone else, especially if the culprit is quite tall and stretching their arms out to get the optimal filming position for their mobile phone.

I just do not understand why someone would pay money for something they could watch for free on YouTube, no doubt uploaded by another one of their kind.

Concerts used to have such a communal feel, where mutual musical fans would enjoy the concert together, singing along and cheering. Now we’re becoming disconnected from each other by the mobile phone zombies, who cannot bear to draw their eyes away from their precious screens. 

Have we really got to the stage where we have such an extreme dependency on our devices? In fact, it’s alarming and makes you questions how far this will continue to go as technology itself, develops. People have started to become more engrossed in what’s happening on their phones rather than experiencing with their own eyes.

It’s not even us musical fans who are sick of this mobile phone epidemic. Artists such as Jack White have gone so far as to ban them. Do I believe mobile phones should be banned from concerts altogether? No. But should you be glued to them for the whole show? No. It’s not necessary to feel the need to record an entire concert. I just hope they can learn to enjoy the concert for what it is and live in the moment rather than relying on their shoddy recordings to look back on.

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